I am a senior Php developer specialized in Drupal, I offer various services on Drupal development, audits, training and deployment.
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Quickly setup Gtilab-CI with your Drupal 8 module

Gitlab-CI introduced a flexible and powerful CI solution. My project Giltab CI fo Drupal 8 is meant to ease the integration with a Drupal 8 project.
It is now ready to handle a single module or theme and provide a full pipeline for your testing.

Here is a brief article to integrate Gitlab-CI with your module in probably less than 10 minutes!

This CI includes Drupal testing (Unit, Functional, Functional Javascript, Nightwatch), code quality for Php, Javascript, CSS, Sass and some metrics for your Php code.

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Drupal 8 Javascript tests with Nightwatch.js and Docker

JavaScript Browser testing with Drupal 8

Drupal 8.6 introduced the Nightwatch.js browser automation tool to perform browser and JavaScript testing. That's a good news because current PHPUnit based javascript tests are prone to failure on ci and writing JavaScript tests in PHP is a bit... confusing.

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Dependency injection when extending a class that implements ControllerBase

Here is an almost typical use case when developing custom code for Drupal 8.

A third party module declare a controller with a method that you want to override because you need to change the logic and there is no practical way to do it in the module (could be a hook).

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Theme preprocess and suggestions for Drupal 8 Bootstrap sub theme

Building enough Drupal 8 websites I ended up applying always the same basic set of code in my Bootstrap sub theme.

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My Drupal 8 modules, Bootstrap image formater

Working on the update of my website in Drupal 8, I developed two modules with image formater to display a carousel and a gallery using Bootstrap with Drupal 8.

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Theming and templating with Drupal 7

Drupal 7 uses PhpTemplate as theme engine. The system is simple, each module implements its theme functions (HOOK_theme) to generate a markup, in most cases HTML, in a direct way or using a template file (XXXXX.tpl.php). The function of the theme also permits to the module to set variables which, after processing will be used in HTML display.

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Drush advanced, setup with composer, aliases and autocomplete

In a previous article I wrote a small review of Drush and useful commands, this article is going a little farther configuring Drush on your *nix system.

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Drush, the command line for Drupal

Drush is a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal. This tool will help you quite a lot when building a Drupal website, saving a lot of time with repetitives or time consuming tasks. If you don't like command line, you can forget Drush...

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