I am a senior Php developer specialized in Drupal, I offer various services on Drupal development, audits, training and deployment.
You can check and evaluate my work or my modules and feel free to contact me for a quote on any Drupal related project.

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My modules

Gitlab CI with for Drupal 8/9

Gitlab CI integration for Drupal 8/9 project or module: tests, code quality, linting, metrics and deploy.

Docker stack:

A full Drupal 8 Docker Development environment.

My Drupal 8 modules:

Visually notify users if a new revision is saved when editing a moderated node.

Lite module fork to include Ckeditor Lite addon (track changes).

Image formatter displaying a Bootstrap image galery using Bueimp Bootstrap galery.

Now merged in Bootstrap Carousel Image Formatter.

My Drupal 7 modules:

A nice looking disclaimer in a lightbox for your website.

A simple workflow to handle "Draft" status on nodes.

Entity reference sub module to handle specific references dispay.

Helper module to handle multilangual support of Drupal Commons distribution.

My Ubercart 6/7 modules:

Advanced catalog add custom filters on ubercart catalog and provide taxonomy, products attributes (select) and cck (option widget) support.

Delivery time slots for Ubercart.

Wexpay payment for Ubercart.

Paybox payment for Ubercart.

Payline payment for Ubercart.

Caisse d'épargne (fr) payment for Ubercart.

Some piece of Java

Android application, an audible altimeter for SkyDiving.

Some (old) scripts Drupal / Centos

Drupal/Drush script for Centos with LAMP to quickly deploy a Full Drupal 7 stack.

My Drupal.org activity

My Drupal / Ubercart modules without repo :

  • Views slider

Integrate jQuery slider plugin with views to handle slide filter, sample: http://www.forfaitiphone.net

Wordpress modules (no one is perfect):

  • Wordpress Compare Items

Price comparaison module using different affiliation provider: Zanox, Affilinet, Tradedoubler, Amazon ecs. sample: http://www.tablette-tactile.net/guide-achat/selection-meilleure-tablett…