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I am a senior Php developer specialized in Drupal, I offer various services on Drupal development, audits, training and deployment.
You can check and evaluate my work or my modules and feel free to contact me for a quote on any Drupal related project.

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23 Jul 2019

Gitlab-CI introduced a flexible and powerful CI solution. My project Giltab CI fo Drupal 8 is meant to ease the integration with a Drupal 8 project.
It is now ready to handle a single module or theme and provide a full pipeline for your testing.

09 Feb 2019

JavaScript Browser testing with Drupal 8

Drupal 8.6 introduced the Nightwatch.js browser automation tool to perform browser and JavaScript testing.

22 Jan 2019

Here is an almost typical use case when developing custom code for Drupal 8.

22 Oct 2018

Building enough Drupal 8 websites I ended up applying always the same basic set of code in my Bootstrap sub theme.


Lead web/ Php developer, Drupal expert