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I am a senior Php developer specialized in Drupal, I offer various services on Drupal development, audits, training and deployment.
You can check and evaluate my work or my modules and feel free to contact me for a quote on any Drupal related project.

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22 Oct 2018

Building enough Drupal 8 websites I ended up applying always the same basic set of code in my Bootstrap sub theme.

04 Jan 2016

Working on the update of my website in Drupal 8, I developed two modules with image formater to display a carousel and a gallery using Bootstrap with Drupal 8.

Tags: drupal 8

11 Aug 2015

Drupal 7 uses PhpTemplate as theme engine. The system is simple, each module implements its theme functions (HOOK_theme) to generate a markup, in most cases HTML, in a direct way or using a template file (XXXXX.tpl.php).

14 Aug 2014

In a previous article I wrote a small review of Drush and useful commands, this article is going a little farther configuring Drush on your *nix system.


Lead web/ Php developer, Drupal expert